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Do you think you might have a hernia?

        Do you ever experience a heavy feeling in your abdomen when you bend, or
        pain when you lift heavy objects? Have you noticed a lump that gets bigger
        when you cough or strain, but vanishes when you lie down? It could be a hernia.
        Learn about causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of hernias at this
        free seminar. Free hernia screenings will be offered by general surgeons
        Akbar Ali, M.D., Tony Anagnostou, M.D., and Sebastian Lopez, M.D. What you
        learn could make a big difference to your comfort and good health.
        Free Hernia Screening • Thursday, Nov. 8 • 6 p.m.
        Eastern New Mexico Medical Center, Mesquite Room • 405 W. Country Club Road
        Space is limited and registration is appreciated.  Call 575-624-4636.

        Akbar Ali, M.D.   Tony Anagnostou M.D.  Sebastian Lopez, M.D.
        Board-Certified General Surgeon  General Surgeon  Board-Certified General Surgeon

                                                            Members of the Medical Staff at Eastern New Mexico Medical Center.

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