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Executive Director's Letter

                                      On A Positive Note….

                                      Here we are 11 months into the year—November, my most favorite month of the year!
                                      Not only is it my birthday month and fellow colleagues and friends, but this is the month
                                      I truly take time and reflect the past year and count all the many blessings that have
                                      come and gone in my life.  It’s also a time to reach out to those you haven’t talked with in
                                      a while.  However, you should do that anytime.

                                      It’s also a time to appreciate two major people that play a significant role in this great
                                      country we love—the American veterans and the small business owners.  We celebrate
                                      and honor those who have fought and are still fighting for this great country; and we
                                      celebrate those who stay back and run their businesses for a brighter tomorrow.  They
                                      keep the home fires burning here in the great U.S.A. for when those men and women
        Candace Purcella
        EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR            return to their families and their homes and they have peace in their heart for the things
                                      they have had to endure.

        Veterans Day is Monday, November 12, and I would like to encourage you all to get out and attend the Veterans Day
        Parade and any other events to honor our Veterans.  Without these brave men and women, we wouldn’t have the freedom
        we have today.  See the community calendar for a list of all the Veterans Day events happening in Roswell.

        In today’s time we have developed a sense of urgency for everything.  We call ahead for our coffee so we don’t have to
        WAIT in line.  We get that 20-minute oil change for the busy folks that don’t have time to WASTE.  We shop online and
        get that 2nd DAY DELIVERY because we must have those cute boots.  So, I get it, even I’m guilty of it!!  However, I want
        you to stop and think about something for just a minute.  When you shop LOCAL, your money stays HERE, it goes into the
        LOCAL economy to support LOCAL schools, LOCAL businesses, LOCAL students, and LOCAL family owned businesses.
        It creates economic growth in your community when you shop from the local coffee shop, the cute little boutiques we
        have downtown, the hardware stores, and all the other stores we have here in Roswell.  Don’t get me wrong, there are
        some things you can’t find here, and that “A” word is our go-to place to find anything and everything we want.  I want to
        ask you this, what are those online places doing for you?  Is Amazon sponsoring your kids sporting events?  Is Sephora
        buying girl scout cookies from your little one?  No, but your LOCAL businesses are!  We should be doing more with our
        local businesses, but American Express has been honoring the small businesses in communities across America for the last
        8 years and we are excited to start our own campaign on shopping local and promoting Small Business Saturday.  Small
        Business Saturday is Saturday, November 24, and I just can’t stress this enough—get out and show your support to our local
        businesses in Roswell and keep those dollars here in our community and help make Roswell Great!
        In case you’re wondering why the rant, some may or may not know what it is exactly we do here at the Roswell Chamber;
        but in a nutshell, we are all about building Relationships, Commerce, and Community and we do all this with great pride!
        Join the movement and be #chamberActive!

        Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.  Be safe, shop local and love thy neighbor!

        Candace Purcella

        Candace Purcella
        Executive Director, The Roswell Chamber of Commerce

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