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The Roswell Daily Record would like to introduce the
 Roswell UFO                                                   April's Business of

 Incident                                                      the Month

                                                               MERIDIAN INSURANCE
 Area 51 Package!!!

 2x4 B/W $600

 + Tax

 Run your

 2x4 size ad

 all month                                                     Back Row Left to right: Carolyn Hardwick (Commercial & Benefits Producer),
                                                               Michelle Quiroz (Accounting Leader), Gena Fredrickson (Exec Vice
                                                               President), Michelle Wilson (Commercial Lines Producer), Angie Quintana
                                                               (Account Manager), Bonnie Roybal (Personal Lines Producer)
 long in our                                                   Front Row Left to right: Sherrie Douglass (Asst Account Manager, (Kimberly
                                                               Graham (Commercial Lines Producer), Loretta Bolton (Personal Lines
                                                               Producer), Gracie Galindo (Account Manager)
 Publication                                                   Not Pictured: Sonia Rowling (Account Manager)

                                                               After serving our community for over 30 years at 601 W 2nd St, we
                                                               are excited to announce that we will be moving to our new location
                                                               at 3301 N Main St, effective May 1, 2018. We look forward to
 Actual Size                                                   providing you with the same great service and our goal is to build
                                                               valued relationships in the processs.

                                                               Once you become a client of Meridian Insurance, you become
                                                               part of our family and we continue to nurture that relationship.
                                                               We review your coverages on a regular basis. We also provide
                                                               continuous support and education regarding your policies. We
                                                               want our clients to have peace of mind and understand the
                                                               protection they purchase.

                                                               We at Meridian take pride in serving our community. We are
                                                               proud supporters of Roswell Humane Society, Harvest Ministries,
 3.389”x4”                                                     Community Kitchen and an annual 4 start sponsor for Walk For Hope.

 Call a Sales Rep today!                                       You can contact us at

 Call 575-622-7710                                             or visit our website at

 Melanie Page ...... 204                                

 Fabian Anaya .......206                                           (575) 623-5695   •   WWW.R OSWELLNM. OR G     •    9
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